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Adding an item to your order
Custom Salad
Your order page
Changing your order


Begin by choosing a category. On the resulting menu page choose any available options (i.e. chips), then click the add to order button. Repeat the process until you have ordered all the items you wish and then fill out the form on the order page and click the place order button. You may view your order at any time during the process by clicking the view order (shopping bag) link in the upper left. Come on down and pick up your order.

Adding an Item to your Order

Choose any applicable option from the box on the right side of the page labeled "Options". To select more than one option, hold the control(Ctrl) key down and left click on the option you wish to add.

Some menu items require you to make selections from one or more drop down lists. Please select your choices. When you have made your selections and/or indicated your options, click the Add to Order button.

Some menu items allow you order more that one of that item at a time. These items will have a quantity box on the right side of the screen. If you wish to order more of the same item for items that do not have a quantity box (i.e. two custom salads), then return to the menu page for that item after adding the first one to your order.

Ordering a Custom Salad or Pizza

You build your own salad or pizza by selecting items to add to it. On the left is a box which will contain the items you add. On the right is the list of available items. To add an item to your salad, click on the item and it will appear in the box on the left. You can add an item more than once. To remove an item from your salad, double click on it. When you are finished adding items, click the Add to Order button at the bottom.

Your Order Page

This page contains your order and can be accessed by clicking the view order link in the upper left (shopping bag). From this page you can remove or edit items (see Changing your order).

To complete your order you will need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Please indicate which location you want to pick your order up at by selecting it from the drop down list. A name and a phone number is also required. You can indicate any special instructions by typing them into the box provided.

Changing your Order

Next to each item ordered are two small buttons, remove and edit. Clicking the remove button will remove the item from your order. Clicking the edit button will take you back to that menu page where you can make modifications. When you are done with the changes, click the Save Changes button.